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There is no news for the Unsolved Mysteries released to date as Netflix remains silent if they would consider producing another season. Unsolved Mysteries premiered back in 1987 the docuseries captured the attention of the fans and continue to capture the interest as the show still airs twenty years later.

Unsolved Mysteries literal mysteries as the series began from a television special giving the fans six-hundred worth of episodes; mysteries unsolved also by the fans in every episode were released. The show is fir for the family to watch together as it was also an educated show, giving audiences tips on unsolvable mysteries they were encountering or will encounter in the future.

Netflix released the first season of the revived “Unsolved Mysteries” show in 2020 and even after nearly a year the entertainment company didn’t release any statement about their season three release or there will be season three to be released, though fans were expecting and hoping Netflix will not cancel the show.

But, creator Terry Dunn Meurer reveals in considering for another season even without the green light from the entertainment company. Even though the Entertainment Company would give a chance to have another season it will take some time to be aired, plus the COVID 19 restrictions stopping networks, cablers, and other streamers to film when it’s not allowed to go outside.

Based on the viewership and rating the show’s massive popularity will be expecting another season in the future. “We have some great stories that we feel are strong stories. So, we are ready to tackle that.” producer’s statement in Newsweek.

This hint surely excited the fans and await with great expectation.

The true home of the series where it was first premiered on NBC and in over the years of producing, the show had different homes from the big and well-known entertainment company namely, Lifetime, CBS and revived by Netflix.

The first two seasons after Netflix releases their revived series becomes a big hit, the viewers began to guessed what will happen in season three of the series. Questions unanswered like what was the meaning behind the note of Rey Rivera as shown in the finale of the last season.

Season three will still consist of paranormal stories, missing persons, and possible suicide.

Unsolved Mysteries represent real-life mysteries and help to solve real-life unsolved crimes also, help paranormal phenomena. It reflects in ghosts, UFOs, and alien abduction with some other theories.

In the starting of the first series was presented by Raymond Burr, Robert Stack, and Karl Malden on NBC but the rating was pretty not good in their premiere in season two. Then it becomes a full-blown series in October of 1988 hosted by Robert Stack alone it aired for its 9 seasons then ended again. It was later moved to CBS on November 13, 1997, in its 10th season.

In their season eleven, the show dropped its viewership after they add Virginia Madsen as a co-host, later it was canceled by CBS. Then it was revived by Lifetime in 2000 July and aired 103 episodes on the channel alone and then ended in September 2002, coincidentally it coincide with Robert Stack the first host of the show.

It was then resurrected by Spike after its six-year absence in 2007 of October 13 hosted by Dennis Farina with 175 episodes and then ended again in April 2010. Still, the show remains its Youtube channel where fans can send their Unsolved Mysteries and if being picked it will be posted with a video of the viewer about the mystery they submitted.

The show runs for 20 years but still has mysteries here are two of their most popular mysteries: first, on the list is the Zodiac Killer using the coded letters taunt the police as he terrorized in San Francisco,

he killed 37 people and he will be the one to give the police about information of the killings and the evidence like coded letters, anonymous phone calls, bloodstain clothes, and crossed-circle written in the victim’s cars the police never found him and the case remains unsolved.

Another coded mystery that remains unsolved was The Taman Shud Case it was all about a body that was found on December 1st, 1948 at Somerton Beach in Adelaide in Australia.

The body remains unscathed and in perfect condition, only the label of the dress was missing, it was then found after a month in a suitcase in Adelaide Railroad Station only a piece of evidence was found in the man’s secret pocket in his trousers, it says” Taman Shud”. This was left with the cold case as the police were not able to find the culprit.

Here are some popular that were solved by the Unsolved Mysteries; the case of Craig Williamson, the man who went missing while on a business trip. His wife believed he was alive and maybe suffering from amnesia, then Williamson saw this on the Unsolved Mysteries episode then recognized himself and claimed that he is Craig William without memories, only beaten by two men and forgot everything even his wife.

The Anthrax Murder also gain popularity, when postal workers become suddenly ill and discovered by the doctor’s workers were suffering from, anthrax poisoning. More and more anthrax letters were discovered but no suspect yet.

But, In 2008 Bruce Ivins a scientist was hospitalized after a prescription of a drug overdose, the police closed the case as they suspected Bruce Ivins is the killer all along.

Some other mysteries are still available online try to look at them.


Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Unsolved Mysteries. We will update any changes in this article.


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