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Black Lightning was undeniably one of the greatest action fiction series that ever produced, fans couldn’t agree for more. It was first premiered way back in 2018 and become famous after its season four, however, fans were disappointed by the news as its home channel the CW Network announces the fourth season will be the last and final season and will not release season five anymore.

Speculations about the cancellation of the show were mainly the dropping of viewership and ratings that is why the entertainment company decided to put an end to the show, the data showed about the season four low ratings compare to the previous seasons.

Fans were confused about the reason when the show is doing fine in the past episode, they give insights about the cancellation they weren’t ready for the ending of the show and were not satisfied with how the show ended. Salim Akil the showrunner of the show was delightful by the successful ending and will remain Black Lightning in our hearts cannot be forgotten, also thankful for the crew and cast to be with him throughout the production of the series,

“Thank you to the phenomenal cast, writers, and crew without whom none of this would’ve been possible, I’m very grateful to Peter Roth, Warner Bros. TV, Mark Pedowitz, The CW Network, and Greg Berlanti for their partnership and support of my vision at every step of this journey.” The production team gives hints for the future spin-off of the series making the fans excited,

“While Season Four may be the end of one journey, I’m extremely excited to usher in a new chapter and continued collaboration with The CW as we tell the story of Painkiller.” Salim Akil stated in one of her interviews. Fans were looking forward to the spin-off and hopeful for it to be released right away, they hope it will not be canceled like any other shows of CW Network like Arrow which is expected to have a spin-off but got canceled right before it was released.

The cast reacted about the cancellation of the show, they posted in their Twitter account from the main cast post, “Everything comes to an end, and everything has an expiration date.” He added, “I’m grateful to Warner Bros. and The CW for believing in me to lead a show.” That is something I can never forget, and I eagerly await whatever comes next.” And other members were thankful and other was disappointed.

A principal of in the Garfield High School in Freeland, Georgia Jefferson Pierce a retired superhero called Black Lightning, was forced to become Black Lightning again when a criminal gang was taken over the city lead by Tobias Whale and captured his children associated with Latavius “Lala” Jackson.

The incident was a blessing in disguise to his children as they start to develop their abilities, Anissa who has a thunder ability and Jennifer develop her electrical abilities. Jennifer defeats Martin Proctor leading Tobias Whale to have access to the briefcase Proctor was holding and began to explore the mystery of the contents in the briefcase, then Tobias access the Masters of Disaster but was later defeated by Jennifer.

Bill Handerson the Freeland police department knows the Pierce Family secret abilities, then works together against the criminal gang. Odell on the other hand also knows their secret abilities and is threatened that an inevitable war was coming to Freeland and he plans to weaponized people who have metahuman abilities, he then revived Khalil to serve him while he was doing his plan. Watch some episodes and seasons streaming exclusively.

Black Lightning Season 5 – Cast

Jefferson Pierce played by Cress Williams, is Black Lightning who can manipulate electricity.

Jennifer Pierce played by China Anne McClain and Laura Kariuki, a daughter of Jefferson Pierce who also possesses electrical manipulation, her cells can generate pure electricity that is why she struggles in handling her ability at first.

Anissa Pierce played by Nafessa Williams, daughter of Jefferson Pierce she can manipulate thunder through her breathing; she became the first lesbian who joined a superhero series.

Tobias Whale played by Marvin “Krondon” Jones III a leader of the crime gang and one of the antagonists.

Bill Henderson played by Damon Gupton, a Freeland Police Department who become Jefferson’s allies and friend.

Khalil Payne played by Jordan Calloway known as Painkiller, Jennifer’s love interest, and later becomes Tobias’s allies.


Black Lightning Season 5 Release Date – Trailer

As the show was ended there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.


Black Lightning Season 6 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Black Lightning. We will update any changes in this article.


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