Virgin River Season 4 Release Date Information

A romantic drama television series Virgin River premiered on December 6, 2019, it gained popularity over the past season although Netflix didn’t release any viewers statistics as the show released another second and third season it was shown that the show also gained lots of viewers, if not Netflix would’ve canceled the show long ago.

In terms of releasing season four, according to What’s on Netflix the filming was scheduled for July this year after the release of season three, fans were already expected for season four to be released sooner.

Although Netflix didn’t confirm any of this but didn’t deny either, fans speculate that it was because of the coronavirus restrictions is the reason why they didn’t release any date as they were also not certain when is this pandemic end, as the season two and three were seven months apart the season four would take longer than this time.

“Well, Netflix is quite quiet about all that, I just hesitate to say anything that they might get upset. My understanding is that it will be like any day now.” Tim Matheson as Doctor Mullin told in his interview in the Radio Times.

The season three finale leaves the audience in suspense as it was shown Preacher being poisoned and betrayed by her supposed friend. In kidnapping Christopher, Mel announces that she is pregnant and Jack was confused if he was the father.

It will also reveal who shot Jack as Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel revealed in one of her interviews “Well, I know who shot Jack”. Fans were mind blown by this revelation and scene from season three reason why they were eager for season four to be released, and if the entertainment company Netflix decided to cancel or not to renew the new season thousand of fans will greatly be disappointed.

Season four characters reoccurring Paige as she was absent the whole season three it was expected for her to be in season four and hoping to be reunited to Christopher. Sue Tenny the showrunner of the show released a statement regarding season four

“There’s a big reveal when we open season four that puts certain people in jeopardy.” In this statement from the production, there will surely be season four.

Melinda “Mel” Monroe a midwife and nurse practitioner who decided to work and live in Northern California of Virgin River, thinking it will be a new start for her leaving painful memories behind she moved to that place.

But, she soon encountered problems and meet some people things turn into a circle when she expected to live a simple and quiet life. She will also meet another man whom she hopes to help her heal from the past.


Virgin River Cast

Melinda “Mel” Monroe played by Alexandra Breckenridge, decides to move to Virgin River,

Northern Carolina hoping to start and build her life back.

Jack Sheridan played by Martin Henderson, is a resident of Virgin River who suffers from Posttraumatic stress disorder and a restaurant and bar owner, he is also a former U.S Marine.

John “Preacher” Middleton played by Colin Lawrence, works at Jack’s bar and is also a friend.

Hope McCrea is played by Annette O’Toole, the mayor of Virgin River.

Vernon “Doc” Mullins played by Tim Matheson, a physician of the town of Virgin River.

Brie Sheridan is played by Zibby Allen, Jack’s sister.


Virgin River Season 4 – Trailer

The show is still unsure for its season 4 to renew that is why no trailer is available yet, if the entertainment company releases the trailer we will update the page immediately.

Virgin River Season 4 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Virgin River. We will update any changes in this article.

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