Futurama Season 11 Release Date Information

The famous animated sci-fi Futurama the one of the animated series of all time is expecting to have another season after 20 years. The long wait is over, rumors have been circulating about having another season we will meet again the characters mainly Bender, Leela, Hermes, Doctor Zoidberg, and other characters of Planet Express Gang.

The Futurama may be gone, but the series is hard to forget, even though the show got canceled many times, the audience still waits for the new season every time Fox will release another season. After five seasons were released it was canceled by Fox.

But, Comedy Central released another additional four-season, then canceled again. Fox moves the time slot from time to time even though it was a hit show before, Fox has not canceled the show but instead, they stopped airing another episode for Futurama, fans are upset. Later that year.

Comedy Central revived the show that lasted for six long years and ended in 2013. Fox and the creator of Futurama Matt Groening are not on good terms from the beginning creating for the show to be canceled for the first time, he stated in an interview that Fox is not also a fan of The Simpson where he also created not wanting for The Simpsons to aired also.

“You can’t expect people to behave in their own best interest. It’s in Fox’s best interest for this show to be a success, but they rather mess with the show and have them fail, than allow creators’ independence and let them succeed.

They don’t like The Simpsons to be aired on Fox” Groening stated in one of his interviews, the reason why when the show aired again it was not on Fox. The first episode of Futurama was released in March of 1999 in Fox, Fox did not air Futurama’s original order not planning on following the right order either

Futurama’s main characters were Philip J. Fry, a delivery boy in futuristic Planet Express Corporation, a delivery company when he accidentally freezes himself and being revived in the 31st century, with one-eyed Leela a delivery ship’s captain, and a Robot Bender.

The show has numerous storylines and even lapses in between the show, especially when it aired on Fox when they didn’t follow the right order. However, the show has a beautiful ending, when Fry dares to propose to Leela but Leila declines the proposal,

Fry jumps off the building although the gang manages to save Fry, but the time device results in the time to freeze, Leela and Fry are not affected when the time froze. They married and spent their entire lives together, traveling together in a world with frozen time and frozen people.


Futurama Season 11 – Voice-over Cast

The show had eight main members voice-over by popular celebrities and others have careers in voice-over. Billy West, who is a professional voice actor, voices over a variety of characters.

He plays as Fry the delivery boy, Professor Farnsworth, Zapp Bannigan, President Richard Nixon’s head, and even Dr. Zoidberg.

A veteran actress Katey Sagal is the voice of Leela, Leela’s distinct “Hi-ya” was popular with the audience. John Dimaggio is the voice of Bender “Bite my shiny, metal ass!” was his famous line to the audience.

The Hermes Conrad voice was played by Phil LaMarr. The straight face of Amy Wong fit to the voice of Lauren Tom. A versatile actor Maurice LaMarchie who won an Emmy’s Award as Outstanding Voice-Over Performance plays a voice-over of Kif Kroker and Calculon . The show receives good reviews from the audience saying they grow together with the show, ratings are not bad either.

Even if there is not another season, the audience of Futurama is not disappointed as they believe the show ended how it should be, a satisfying ending. They are delighted as Comedy Central gives the audience satisfaction that Fox cannot give to their audiences. With 140 episodes it’s rare for a network to give a fulfilling ending as they have axes ready for the show.

Futurama still aired on television sometimes giving kids who today a privilege to watch a great show. Superfans keep on begging for more seasons and episodes to know what the creator has on his sleeve to create another episode that can be compared to the last episode.

Honoring a great show in respecting if the rumors for another season would be released or not, appreciating for the hard work of the people who have behind the success that made our life worthwhile while watching the show.

Futurama season 12 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of the show Futurama in the future after the cancellation of the show. We will update any changes in this article.


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