Midsomer Murders Season 23 Episode 5 Release Date

A new, 5th episode from Midsomer Murders season 23 was scheduled to air on ITV1 on Sunday 8 January. However, unfortunately, was not broadcasted. It was replaced by an episode of Bradley Walsh’s show – The chase, and afterward immediately followed by a Prince Harry’s interview with Tom Bradby.
The pre-recorded 90-minute interview was mainly revolving around Harry speaking about his experience leaving the Royal Family.

Midsomer Murders Season 23 Episode 5 Title:

For Death Prepare

Midsomer Murders Season 23 Episode 5 When will it air?

The schedule shakeup meant that the fifth episode of season 22, For Death Prepare, which was meant to air at 8 pm was axed. The episode is 90 minutes long so would have extended into the interview special so ITV decided to delay it.

All we can do now is wait till ITV will announce the release date of the next episode, however, based on the previous 4 releases of season 23 – would be safe to assume it might be on the 15th of January 2023

Midsomer Murders Season 23 Episode 5 Plot:

The new episode of Midsomer Murders is about an amateur operatic society. They were rehearsing for a concert when they found a dead body in the theater. The police, who are regular characters in the show, have to figure out who did it and why.

They name the characters in the episode, Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby, Nick Hendrix as DS Jamie Winter, Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby, Annette Badland as Fleur Perkins, Alexander Hanson as Marcus Dunlow, and Clive Rowe as Derek Sharrow.

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Midsomer Murders Season 23 Episode 6 When will it air?

Assuming all goes well according to the schedule and there will be no more extra shows bumping the release of Midsumer Murders – then it is likely 6th episode will air on 22nd of January 2023.

There is a body surrounded by the ritual symbols found on the eve of Psychic Fayre. Gets pretty wild in the, in order to track down the suspect, Barnaby will have to dive deep into the world of medium, psychics, and occult followers.