Goliath Season 5 Release Date Information

The hit legal drama that aired by Amazon Prime, after two years still no news for season five of the series. Fans and supporters were excited for another season of the drama only to be disappointed as up to now there is no hint if Amazon Prime will produce another season.

After the season three cliff-hanger dramatic ending, the great news is about season four will be aired soon. There is some rumor circulating about season four’s release date.  After the end of season three Goliath’s Twitter account saying they are releasing the fourth and final season.

The question would be, is that enough to fill the curiosity of the fans not to ask for another season? The fourth season will air sooner than we imagine after this Covid 19 pandemic restrictions the production will begin filming.

No specific date release about the new season, but the producers are willing to film if the restrictions are not tight. The ending of the last season makes the fans eager to watch another season as when Billy McBride was shot and is bleeding to death in the hands of Diana Blackwood.

Will Billy be able to survive? Or we will not see him again in the final season. J.K Simmons and Bruce Dern will be welcome in the fourth season.

McBride as a divorcee lives in a hotel room, with no job as he is no longer part of the Cooperman McBride which he founded with Donald Cooperman, he half-heartedly takes some cases and spends most of his time drinking.

He crossed paths with Patty, he convince her about a lawsuit that will be on the opposite side of the Cooperman McBride firm. He accept the job, he did his best to put aside his ego to win this biggest case and will be the turning point of his career.

In season two, McBride took a new case a 16-year old boy who is charged with a homicide, the 16-year old boy is his son’s friend. McBride and Patty team up to solve this case and clear the boy’s name, but they discover about the Mexican Drug Cartel. McBride is the David in the legal system’s labeled as Goliath.

The first season was convincing and satisfying in the part where David slays Goliath, just like Billy who slays his former friend Cooperman. But, the table turns 360 degrees when he loses his client Julio that is murdered in prison, the death of his friend Oscar who is also murdered, and fails to put in jail the person who is behind it all.


Goliath Season 5 – Cast

Billy Bob Thornton played as  Billy McBride,

William Hurt characterized Donal Cooper,

Lucy Ktridge played by Olivia Thirlby,

Maria Bello played a role as Julie Mcbride,

Billy Bob Thronton won a Golden Globe award for his performance in season one.


Goliath Season 5 Release Date – Trailer

As the show was canceled there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.


Goliath Season 6 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Goliath in the future after the cancellation of the show. We will update any changes in this article.



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