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Fans of Shameless will not be expecting for season 12 after the production team wraps up the series in season eleven. The President of the entertainment company Gary Levine, announces the cancellation of the series early this year 2020 of January.

The audience will not be able to watch the Gallagher Family nonetheless; it was a great ride with every episode of the show “Shameless”. John Wells the showrunner of the show is disappointed by the news but still respects the decision of the company where the show is aired.

However, fans were satisfied with the finale season, it gives the fans a sense of closure. The reason the entertainment company why they won’t release another season was that season eleven were already long for the initial plan of the show and it was great timing for the show to end, we are in a tight spot also because of the Coronavirus pandemic making it hard to film any show at the moment. John Wells doesn’t have any plan on releasing any spinoffs relating to the show,

“I’ve never been a big fan of spinoffs,” he said in his one interview shutting down the possibility. Season eleven is the end of the series so, we won’t be expecting another season sooner or in the future.

Fans watched the casts of the show grow over the years, nine years of the making consists of eleven episodes. The cast was also saddened by the news such as Ethan Cutkosky and Emma Kenney and another cast who have their first role in the series. Emma Kenny posted a message on her Instagram account

“One.Last.Hoorah. Shameless season 11: our finale season. Thank you @showtime for keeping us employed the last 11 years and letting everyone party with the Gallagher’s, too. And thank you guys for sticking with us for so long through all of our ups and downs. This is bittersweet”, the cast was sad just as the fans when the show ended.

Gallaghers Family an Irish American deals with their father Frank and the absence of their mother. The eldest daughter Fiona takes place of the role of a parent to her five siblings namely Ian, Debbie, Phillip, Carl, and toddler Liam.

They deal the life in the South Side of Chicago, stealing food and stealing money is the way for them to live. Their neighbor was also involved in Kevin and Veronica who later in the season fake their marriage to get the dowry money.

The story also revolves around Steve Wilton, whom Fiona and Veronica at the club, Fiona found out that he was an influential man and a high-end car thief, the two began dating eventually. Tony Markovich, Fiona’s childhood friend and a police officer who also has interest romantically in her but she turns him down.

The siblings have their differences also just like Ian being a homosexual. Lip is in an open relationship with Karen Jackson and wants to take their relationship to the next level more than just a fling and there is also a trouble maker Liam.

Fiona and Steve’s relationship was strained when Phillip and Ian were caught driving Steve’s stolen car and got arrested eventually, Then Tony discovers the identity of Steve’s occupation, he threatened Steve to turn himself into the police or to leave Fiona. Fans watched them grow and witnessed how they handle the difficulties in life.


Shameless Season 12 – Cast

The cast received applause and was recognized by their great acting from William H. Macy characterized Frank Gallagher as a father who spent his time drinking and a selfish father letting her children be on their own and let the eldest bear the responsibility as the head of the family.

Emmy Rossum who played the role of Fiona Gallagher who is the eldest daughter bears the responsibility of taking care of her siblings a burden falls on her shoulders even at a young age.

Phillip ‘Lip’ Gallagher played by Jeremy Allen White the second eldest of the Gallagher Family a smart heartbreaker.

Cameron Monaghan portrayed Ian Gallagher as a homosexual but not all his siblings know.

Carl Gallagher played by Ethan Cutkosky the second youngest of the family always takes a dangerous path.

Debbie Galagher played by Emma Kenny a sensitive that has a good heart towards her siblings and helps take care of his siblings.

Steve Wilton played by Justin Chatwin a handsome guy who is romantically involved with Fiona.

Mickey Milkovich played by Noel Fisher a police officer who has romantic feelings towards Fiona.

Veronica played by Shanola Hampton and

Shiela Jackson played by Joan Cusack a neighbor and a friend of Fiona who will help her in times.

And another cast who was not mentioned above played a great role also.

Watch the last season of Gallagher’s life and have a  turning point in their life as the show ended as to why the fans were satisfied, streaming exclusively on Showtime.


Shameless Season 12 – Trailer

Showtime didn’t release any trailer, any further news about the show in the future will be posted on the page.

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