Hit and Run Season 2 Release Date Information

Hit and Run debut on August 6 on its season one but it was already one of the hottest shows and on the top 10 list of most viewed on Netflix and the ratings and viewership exceed its expectation.

However, Netflix hasn’t announced about renewal for season two of the series we don’t have to worry though, occasionally the entertainment company Netflix gives their original series an immediate order to renew another season referring to the show’s higher ratings and viewership they don’t have any reason for the show no to be renewed for season two.

But, it will take them several months after they will release some statement regarding the renewal, also we must consider the situation we are facing right now. All the production was affected because of the coronavirus restrictions they would consider the cast situation and production team safety and not spread more viruses.

Even though season one has been announced in the year 2018 but was released this year 2021, it will probably not take this long for the second season to be released as fans were eager to watch another mind-blowing scene and heart-stopping twist and actions in the second season.

As they now watched season one, fans were making a fuss about the second season they were questioning the cast and production team regarding this matter and they would keep in touch about all new updates.

They were also curious about who will be the cast of the second season and new characters would be involved for sure but anything hasn’t been clarified yet regarding this, but other characters will surely be in the second season just like Segev, Tali, Naomi, and Martin.

The finale of season one leaves the fans in a cliffhanger as it shows that Segev learned about the identity of his wife named Danielle, his wife was a CIA Agent named Sophie who was tasked to be a spy plot that will have an impact on US-Israeli relations.

She also learned about the untimely death of his ex-wife Shira and his missing daughter Ella. By this fans were still unsure about what will happen in season two and were agitated to learn about it, creator and showrunner closed their mouth shut and didn’t release any statements yet. We will just need to wait but when? No further update has been released.

The story follows a happily married man named Segev Azulai, but his life turns upside down when his wife Daniella by hit and run happened in Tel Aviv.

With grief and anger, Segev wanted to hunt down the killers of his wife, he fly to the US where the killers escaped with the help of his ex-lover Naomi Hicks. In finding and trying to hunt down the killers he discovered the secrets of his beloved wife and other things she kept from him, he discovers that his wife is not the one he knew.


Hit and Run Season 2 – Cast

Segev Azulai played by Lior Raz,

Naomi Hicks played by Sanaa Lathan,

Assaf Talmor played by Lior Ashkenazi,

Martin Wexler played by Gregg Henry,

Ron Harel played by Gal Toren,

Danielle Wexler Azulai played by Kaelen Ohm.

Created and written by Avi Issacharoff, Nicole Yurkin, Dawn Prestwich, and Lior Raz.


Hit and Run Season 2 – Trailer

As the show was not renewed as of the moment there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.


Hit and Run Season 3 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Hit and Run. We will update any changes in this article.


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