Sweet Tooth Season 2 Release Date Information

The most anticipated TV series Sweet Tooth announce its second season, it has been officially confirmed, and the news broke out when the entertainment company Netflix released the news about having another season on July 29, 2021.

They will continue the story of Gus who deserves to have another season for its cliffhanger ending in season one. It is expected to have another season as the co-showrunner Beth Schwartz released a statement in RdioTimes.com “We broke season one with the hope of future season”.

Season two is in the works but we’re still unsure of the released date for the second season, but it’s expected to release in late 2022 or early 2023. Sweet Tooth’s season one ending gives insights about the characters of season two, the main cast will not have major changes as they weren’t encountered deaths during the first season however, the supporting characters would expect to have a major change.

Producer Susan Downey released a statement about what to expect in season two, “The ambition was to create it for a family audience. We want the whole family to be able to watch together.” She also talked to Jeff Lemire saying “Gus is our true north and how his journey and his relationship to Jep and thus interesting cast of characters and challenges they meet along the way are what’s important.”

The audience anticipated the next season as it will be expected to answer the questions left by season one just like Why Birdie decided to create Human Hybrid involving Gus and other Hybrids and the key to cure this disease. But, would this be answered in season two or there will be more seasons to be released?

A young boy with a human hybrid and deer features named Gus lives with his father in the woods, he learns many things though he was leaving a quiet life and loved his father he wants to escape and explore what’s more outside those woods.

When his father passed away from illness some stranger people came to abduct him but he was saved by Jeppard promising to take him to a safe place. Throughout the journey, they encountered many problems and encountering near-death experiences. But, Jeppard betrayed him he sold Gus to a scientific facility in return for the remains of his wife and his child who died in the womb of his wife.

Dr. Singh and the leader of the facility Abbot believed that the mysterious plague has something to do with the hybrids. Gus makes friends in another hybrid in the facility half-feral groundhog boy Bobby, a pig girl Wendy, and the silent donkey Buddy, Gus was hypnotized by Dr. Singh to find out how Gus was born and discovers his origin but Dr. Singh found out that Gus father is a crazy man and suspected him as the reason behind all of this.

Abbot and Dr. Singh discover a diary of Gu’s father, Dr. Singh starts to believe what Jeppard told and began sympathizing with hybrids and Gus with the guilt of the things he did to them he decided to rescue Gus and other hybrid cultists. They began their escape plan and were almost successful when problems happens just like when Buddy was captured by Abbot, they were received help from Beck and Lucy and the headmaster to escape. But, Dr. Singh, Gus, Bobby, Johnny, and Jeopardy have crossed a mysterious dam.


 Sweet Tooth Season 2 – Cast

Gus played by Christian Convery, is a 9-year old boy who has deer features.

Tommy Jeppard played by Nonso Anozie, saved Gus but later betrayed him.

Dr. Aditya Singh played by Adeel Akhtar, is a scientist who does experiments on hybrids but later helps them to escape.

Wendy played by Naledi Murray, is a hybrid pig who becomes friends with Gus.

General Steven Abbot played by Neil Sandilands, the owner of the science facility.


Sweet Tooth Season 2 – Trailer

The show continues its season 2 but no trailer is available yet, if the entertainment company releases the trailer we will update the page immediately.


Sweet Tooth Season 2 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Sweet Tooth. We will update any changes in this article.


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