Why Women Kill Season 3 Release Date Information

Why Women Kill is an American TV series by Paramount plus with three women going through the same dilemma but connected with their situations and facing the same faith; the good news to the fans of the TV series is the third season will be expected to announce in September of 2021, as shown in the viewer’s statistics rating and views were maintained no doubt the series will be hoping for season three.

There is no update regarding the release date as the production was interrupted by the coronavirus restrictions in their shooting place in California. Season three storyline can’t be predicted because due to the nature of the show, the anthology but surely with mind-blowing plot twist and more bloody murders in another season.

There is no official statement regarding the season three cast, and no rumors have been declared yet, but a whole new model for the third season is the only update we have. For two years running the TV series, and characters were proven their talent and the creative works of the production team and the showrunner of the show.

Murderous inhabitants in over several decades were shown in season one released on 15th August of 2019 focusing on the women from the 1940s period and season two from 1963 women released on 23rd August of 2021, different women in different decades depict how their husbands betrayed them and in their failed marriage, one woman experiences the hidden sexuality in the era of 2019.

The other ages and women with the same experiences make the fans excited with the unpredictable events makes the series famous and becomes a hit. Let’s all hope that Paramount plus will not cancel the series.

Why Women Kill follows three women from different decades connected by the Pasadena Mansion in California, experiencing the infidelity of their husband and the reason for numerous killings, Beth Ann Staton from the year 1963 living in a happy marriage with her husband named Rob but, she learned that her husband cheated on her.

Simone Grove from 1984, a socialite person, discovers her husband Karl’s homosexuality and finds out about her husband’s affair with a younger man. And attorney Taylor Harding from the year 2019 known for being bisexual problems arose in their marriage when her husband Eli liked the same girl named Jade.

With the wedding on the brink of ending, other deaths happened caused by these three women.


Why Women Kill Season 3 – Cast

Beth Ann Staton, played by Ginnifer Goodwin, a submissive wife married to Rob women from 1863.

Simone Groove, played by Lucy Liu, married her third husband Karl, a socialite and a woman from 1984.

Taylor Harding, played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste, is a bisexual attorney who has an open marriage with Eli, a woman from 2019.

Rob Staton, played by Sam Jaeger, an aerospace engineer, married Beth and has an affair with April.

April Warner, played by Sadie Calvano, a waitress and a mistress of Rob.

Karl Grove, played by Jack Davenport, a homosexual who uses his marriage to Simone to conceal his sexuality.

Eli Cohen, played by Reid Scott, is a screenwriter and a husband of Taylor. Jade is played by Alexandra Daddario, a bisexual woman who has a relationship with Taylor.


Why Women Kill Season 3 – Trailer

The show is still not updated for its season 3. It will soon be renewed as no trailer is available yet; if the entertainment company releases the trailer, we will update the page immediately.

Why Women Kill Season 3 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Why Women Kill. We will update any changes in this article.

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