Van Helsing Season 6 Release Date Information

Van Helsing is undeniably a good movie as fans can’t get enough of the horror fantasy drama. It was aired on July 12, 2016, on Netflix, the series was already hit when the first episode was released.

The news came after season 4 was aired finalizing the decision about not having another season the season 6. The show was inspired by graphic novels the Helsing series of Zenescope Entertainment. Unfortunately, the show will not have another season as it was announced by Netflix in 2019 December and the fifth season will be the last.

This makes the fans upset, as they waited for the show to release another season but, as fans can’t believe the news they are willing to wait if Netflix will reconsider filming the series again. No news about the spinoff, prequels, and sequels as if the entertainment company and the production team put an end to the show, even if the finale season remains questionable to the audience.

Another rumored as to why the entertainment company decided to put an end to the show is constantly dropping the viewership of the series, decreased further as the show released another season up to season five.

When Vanessa Helsing a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing was attacked by a vampire name Balthazar in her apartment with her children and was awaken after three years of being in a coma, then she found herself in an apocalyptic world, where vampires ruled over the world.

Blocking out the sunlight, vampires were everywhere being the only descendant of a vampire hunter she is the only hope of humanity.

Her unique blood can resist the venom of the vampires that turn those into a vampire, her blood was the only weapon that will turn the vampires into a human again, this was proved after a vampire named Flash bite Vanessa in her coma state and this woken Vanessa up.

She was protected by the Marine and the doctor who saved her when he becomes the prime target of the vampires, she become the antidote to the vampire’s plague who now rules over the world. In season two, she found out about her long-lost sister on her way to the safe place in Denver, Colorado, her sister was trained to kill vampires.

They hunt the Elders together where the vampires originated from, in order the restored humanity. In season four of the series, Vanessa’s death the main focus of the story now is about Violet and Jack her long-lost biological children.

The siblings face a new breed of vampires the ‘daywalker’. Another adventure and another mind-blowing scene await and expecting to have actresses and actors will appear in season five the finale.


Van Helsing Season 6 – Cast

Cast shared the ending was great and satisfying to them; they hope the fans will feel the same way too but, where are they pleased? It was half satisfying half wanted another season.

Here is the list of a great cast of the show:

They were characterized by great actors and actresses resulting in the series having a good review.

Kelly Overton who played the role of Vanessa Van Helsing the main cast of the first season the humanity’s only hope.

Axel Miller played by Jonathan Scarfe who saved Vanessa many times and one of the Marine who becomes a vampire but is back to being a human again thanks to Vanessa’s unique blood.

Vincent Gale played the role of Phil Fleischman one of the first humans to become the vampire as sent to kill Vanessa.

Rukiya Bernard played the role of Dr. Sarah Carol a doctor and a scientist, originally a vampire but was cured by Vanessa’s blood wanting to be back at being a human she tried everything but Vanessa’s blood was immunized her, soon she accepted being a human and start a relationship with Jolene. Rob ‘Sluggo’ Boyce played the role of Balthazar the leader of ‘The Elite’.


Van Helsing Season 6 Release Date

There was no news about what will happen in season 6 if the production will decide to continue filing the show. No discussion about renewal in the future or giving hint. We will share any updates regarding the show if anything changes.


Van Helsing Season 6 – Trailer

As the show was canceled there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.

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