Turner & Hooch Season 2 Release Date Information

Turner & Hooch are a continuation of the movie with the same name in the year 1989 by Tom Hanks, the ratings and viewership have not been publicized by the home network Disney Plus whether it will be canceled or renewed.

Fans were torn whether there will be a second season Disney Plus didn’t release any statement or given any hint if they have any plans. Josh Peck who portrayed the role of Scott Turner Jr. revealed in one of his interviews “[Referring to Hanks] such a legend.

I think I was aided by the fact that he’s in such rarefied air, I’ve looked up to him for so long that I never had any delusions that I’d get anywhere close, But I think what was great was that this isn’t a remake. This is a continuation in certain aspects.

I’m playing as his son. In many ways, it was how do we honor the magic of what the original movie had and what Tom Hanks brought and try to infuse that into this new story?”

If the viewership and ratings would be the problem why the entertainment network wouldn’t release another season, they should think about how the fans would be disappointed and left hanging maybe in studying what mistake they make in season one they would improve and create another season and give a closure the show deserves.

It’s all up on the producers and Disney Plus though, if they would plan on making a comeback on season two it would likely be released in late 2022 or early in the year 2023. Watch the season one streaming exclusively on the Disney+ website.

The story follows a U.S Marshal named Scott Turner, living alone in his apartment with the memory of his painful breakup with his recent ex-girlfriend and being a workaholic he thought about having exciting works that will give life to his life.

Then his sister Laura came to his apartment bringing a dog named Hooch, he was asked by Laura to take care of the dog and let it be in his apartment for some time, the dog was from his father whom he’s not on good terms who passed away recently and his last will is that the dog should be under the care of his son Turner.

He decided to take the dog but on being alone in the apartment he brings the dog with him in his dangerous work, the missions’ and fails miserably then received insults from his boss.

He wanted to send the dog to a shelter and discuss it with his partner but she oppose his decision, instead, she advise him to take Hooch to the police dog trainee and recommended her friend Erica Mounier.

When he take Hooch to Erica he told Erica about how disobedient the dog is and others complain but Erica only smiles, she explains why the dog reacted that way, and Hooch being sensitive to his emotions and can read else’s mood.

Turner came to think of things how his dog behaved and realized why he acted that way on their recent mission, the dog knew that the FBI agent who helped them is the real culprit. After he learned everything he and Hooch were always on a mission together.

His sister Laura finds important documents on her father’s things, she found out about the most dangerous case his father handled before his death, they realized that the only lead they have about the case was Hooch.


Turner & Hooch Season 2 – Cast

Scott Turner Jr. played by Josh Peck, inherits a dog named Hooch from his late father Det. Scott Turner.

Laura Turner played by Lyndsy Fonseca, Scott’s sister and helps Scott to investigate the last mission their father have after his death.

Erica Mouniere played by Vanessa Lengies, a trainer at the U.S Marshal K-9 facility who trains Hooch has a secret crush on Turner.

Jessica Baxter played by Carra Patterson, Scott’s partner and has a brave and quick-thinking personality in her work.

James Mendez played by Anthony Ruivivar, Scott’s boss and a US Marshal Chief.


Turner & Hooch Season 2 –  Trailer

As the show was not renewed as of the moment there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.

Turner & Hooch Season 2 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Turner and Hooch. We will update you if anything changes in this article.

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