The Unicorn Season 3 Release Date Information

Another CBS series was canceled by the network, after the two seasons, the news began circulating about the cancellation of the series. Season two was not meant to release in the first place but because of a big fan base and labeled as one of the strongest comedy casts on TV, the entertainment company decided to release another season for a limited midseason run of the series that is why it was expected for the series not to have another season.

Season one of the series consists of 18 episodes released in March of 2020, another season released consists of 13 episodes released in March of 2021. However, when another season was released the ratings were lower than expected, the series received only 85% from critics and 74% from audiences from the first season but in season two the series were dropped its ratings and viewership.

Fans were less disappointed about the news as they expected it but still want more seasons to be released and have a long run in the network. Although the linear rating is the lowest compared to other series of the network but the live streaming was higher than they expect, they have a streaming deal with Netflix resulting in it having a bigger population that can watch.

But, good news to the fans rumored was circulating about the series to renew another season as the producers planned to move it to another network one of them is the Paramount plus, still not confirmed yet.

Bill Martin the writer and producer of the series released a statement in one of his interviews “The show is taking our time. It’s ranking more than the time we have.

Season 1, we’re going to get through it and survive it, and then maybe we’ll develop something between season 7 and 8.” Fans were saddened bout the news, they wanted more of The Unicorn whether to be released in the home network or another network, and they would still wait for another season sooner or in the future.

A widower Wade who wants to move on after his wife died, dealing with his most difficult times handling his two daughters.

His friends encourage him to start dating again, surprise he was a catch to those girls who also want to date because he is an eligible widower and a devoted father. A perfect single guy is known as “Unicorn”, he hopes to find another love, happiness, and healing heart to move on from his past.


The Unicorn Season 3 – Cast

Wade is played by Walton Goggins, owner of a landscaping company, a widower after his wife died a year ago, and a single parent.

Grace played by Ruby Jay, Wade’s older daughter, and

Natalie is played by Mekenzie Moss, Wade’s younger daughter.

Ben is played by Omar Miller, a friend of Wade who runs an audio technology company and a coach of a local soccer team.

Michelle is played by Maya Lynne Robinsons, wife of Ben and also a friend of Wade.

Forrest is played by Rob Corddry,

Wade’s friend. Della is played by Michaela Watkins, a pediatrician who is married to Forrest and Wade’s friend.


The Unicorn Season 3 – Trailer

As the show was canceled there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.

The Unicorn Season 3 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of The Unicorn. We will update any changes in this article.

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