The Pursuit of Love Season 2 Release Date Information

The Pursuit Love is available and streams exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, but will there be another season or are they planning on renewing for another season? Season two of The Pursuit of Love has not been renewed although it was aired on Amazon Prime Video it is not the entertainment’s company to decide whether it will renew the decision was hold by BBC One, a British production.

However, it is unlikely for the show to have its second season as the show was ordered as miniseries which only consists of three episodes on season one, the British TV was known for their miniseries but it’s not the reason for The Pursuit of Love not to be renewed as they did a pretty good job in the ratings and viewership in the season one, it will up to the BBC One if they will renew or leave the fans in disappointed.

If they were to renew the new season we would expect it to air at the earliest of 2023, it will depend on the schedules of the cast since they are only on contract for season one, and if our situation will be better and not hindering the production of the show.

ScreenRant reports regarding the renewal of the show, “It’s possible BBC could commission Love in a Cold Climate to serve as the second season, although it likely wouldn’t air until 2023 at the earliest.” Producer Lily James also revealed, “You’ve got to keep going…

You can’t leave Fanny there. It would be a crime. I think you fall so in love with her and you leave at this point where you just have to know what happens next.” The finale of season one would be considered a closure for the series, however; fans were still expecting to see more and another plot twist on how will the lives of the characters after.

The series was based on a novel with the same name written by Nancy Mitford, it follows the adventures and misadventures of Fanny Logan and Linda Radlett, and they wanted to find love and their ideal husband the two wanted to settle down already.

Fanny is considered sensible and the educated one and Linda love adventures and the who wants to explore the world. Linda met Tony Kroesig introduced by her wealthy friend Lord Merlin, but their relationship was not steady at the start and her father disapproves of their relationship because of Tony’s origin and was furious when Linda and Fanny sneak to go to Oxford to met Tony.

But Linda and Tony ended up together and got married despite all odds in their relationship, Linda being new in a marriage life realizes how hard it is but she still pretends to be in a happy marriage with Tony and they have one child named Moira.

She almost died while delivering Moira and the doctor advised her not to have another baby, she leave the care of Moira to her grandparents. Fanny also marries Alfred and builds a family on her own, they frequently see each other.

After years of marriage Linda decided to leave Tony and file for divorce she marries again Christian Talbot, they go to France to work with refugees during the Spanish Civil War and met Linda’s old friend Lavender Davis.

As time goes by she noticed that Christian and Lavender are falling in love with each other, she decided to leave the two and flew away to France. She runs out of money in Paris but she met a wealthy French duke Fabrice de Sauveterre.

She becomes his mistress for months and the duke shoulder her finances, Linda was very happy as she found the love of her life. When World War II breaks out, Linda was forced to leave Fabrice and fly to England alone but they are not aware that Linda was pregnant at that time.

But her house was bombed that is why she decided to stay at Alconleigh where Fanny is, Fanny is also expecting to have another baby and the two give birth on the same day.

Linda was not in a good condition and was advised not to have another baby but after the birth of her second child, she dies while delivering and the news was delivered that Fabrice is killed in the war. Fanny and her husband decided to adopt Fabrice and Linda’s son and named him from her father Fabrice.


The Pursuit of Love Season 2 – Cast

Linda Radlett played by Lily James,

Fanny Logan played by Emily Beecham,

Fabrice de Sauveterre played by Assaad Bouab,

Alfred Wincham played by Shazad Lati,

Tony Kroesig is played by Freddie Fox.

Lord Merlin played by Andrew Scott,

Louisa Radlett played by Beattie Edmondson,

Uncle Matthew is played by Dominic West.

Georgina Morgan played as a young Fanny.


The Pursuit of Love Season 2 – Trailer

As the show was not renewed as of the moment there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.

The Pursuit of Love Season 2 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of The Pursuit of Love. We will update you if anything changes in this article.


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