The 100 Season 8 Release Date Information

The 100 become a big hit after the release of season one and another season followed it skyrocket during the 7 seasons, however as fans were expecting for season eight CW Network announce that season seven is the ending of the popular series.

Season seven premiered on 20th May of 2020 consists of 16 episodes total of 100 episodes all season seven, there were no such discussions or any hint for the release of another season as it wraps up for season seven announced in August of 2019.

Fans were disappointed because of the news and rumors were circulating that there will be season eight in the future, as they were driven into the series, creator Jason Rothenberg revealed in his interview on Deadline

“Once it started to feel like it in it for the long run, we didn’t feel too confident about that ending until roughly the end of season five.”  And he also said they were given time by the network to end and wrap up the show for season seven that fans will be satisfied.

But good news! Creators and the home network were discussing having the possibility of the prequel spin-off to The 100 instead of season eight. According to TVLine if there the prequel spin-off is happening the title would be ‘The 100: Second Dawn’ it will happen after two years of the apocalypse, it will be the story of Callie the daughter of Bill Shepherd.

No confirmation coming from the mouth of the creator yet but there’s a possibility as the creator released a statement and told Deadline “—there is a chance, a good chance, I guess, that it could come back.

”The president of the CW also released some hints regarding the prequel spin-off “We talked about it a lot. Jason has some other ideas he wants to do, and he thought that this was the right way to go.

”This statement proves that they were really planning on having a prequel spin-off and will surely expect more seasons in this, this news makes the fans agitated as they will still be able to watch The 100 even different storyline.

The series is a science fiction story and aired on Netflix and listed on the streamer’s top 10 series chart ranked number four. It follows the story of a group of post-apocalyptic survivors after a nuclear apocalypse that almost wiped all human beings on Earth.

Some people who survived are living on a space station orbiting Earth called Ark, but not long the Ark is slowly failing, so the officials decided to send hundred of criminal adolescents detainees to check if the Earth is now safe to live in and if it’s habitable.

The group of criminals discovered when they arrived at Earth that there are people who survived the apocalypse, there are groups called Grounders who lacks power and resources and now struggling to live, there are groups also that are called Reapers who turned into cannibals influenced by another group also that called Mountain Men, Mountain Men lived in Mount Weather they were safe before the apocalypse as they are already detached from the outside world even before things happen.

The group of criminals with the lead of Bellamy and Clarke tried everything they can to survived after they were sent to the earth, they encountered battles with the groups trying to hide for them not to be captured and reporting things to the officials of Ark.

But, in the second out of a hundred forty-eight were captured by Mountain Men and taken to Mount Weather, they have experimented as the mountain men were transfusing blood for them to survive with the remaining radiation left in Earth, they found out that the forty-eight prisons bone barrow will allow them to survive outside.

The bone marrow of the captured prisons was taken proceeding with painful procedures, meanwhile, officials of Ark landed various stations on Earth and ally with the people who are on their right mind to save humanity and save their people naming the camp Camp Jaha at Alpha Station.

Mountain Men were massacred and saved the prisoners, during this time Chancellor Jaha leads people to search for what they called “The City of Lights” and he discovered an artificial intelligence called A.L.I.E., John Murphy also discovered a connection between AI and the plans in destructing the world through a video chip. Watch more streaming exclusively on Netflix and other streaming sites.


The 100 Season 8 – Cast

Wells Jaha played by Eli Goree, Jasper Jaha played by Devon Bostick,

John Murphy played by Richard Harmon,

Clarke Griffin played by Eliza Taylor,

Octavia Blake played by Marie Avgeropoulos, and

Bellamy Blake is played by Bob Morley.

Marcus Kane played by Henry Ian Cusick,

Monty Green played by Christopher Karkin,

Finn Collins played by Thomas McDonell, and

Raven Reyes is played by Lindsey Morgan.


The 100 Season 8 – Trailer

As the show was canceled there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.

The 100 Season 8 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of 100. We will update any changes in this article.


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