Prodigal Son Season 3 Release Date Information

Say goodbye to the series we once loved the Prodigal Son as Fox announces that season two is the final season for the series and not to expect for season three. Fans were saddened by the news as they left many unanswered questions and mysteries unsolved, they were hoping to have closure and the ending they expect for the show.

The rumor for the cancellation was although Prodigal was loved and ratings were not bad it was the lowest-rated in Fox current data for drama series “rating was not bad but we’re not good either” it didn’t reach the Fox expectation in terms of viewers that they decide not to produce another series.

But fans were in delight when the creators of the series Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver confirmed the rumored about the series will have a comeback in another streaming company, fans will still witness until the end of the series but the biggest question would be when?

Fedak stated in one of his interviews about the cancellation of the show “We also feel like you do, that it is not a series finale but doesn’t work because we’ve been canceled” we can see that Fedak is not glad about the cancellation of the show as he has more plans and concept about the storyline to show to the audience.

Fans guessed about the cast come back or whoa are still be the cast of the Prodigal Son in another season, they debate if Martin is dead after Bright stabbed him there is no sure if Martin died in that series adding fuel to the fire the statement of the creator Chris Fedak stated in an interview “I mean he could be dead, But we’d be really bad writers if we did anything that means Michael Sheen couldn’t be a part of the show going forward.”

This makes the fans agitated and anticipating another season to be released. The showrunner also confirmed that Catherine Zeta-Jones Vivian is returning if the show will continue its production “We have a sane and not crazy story for her in season three.”  The creators remain silent and didn’t give any hint of what will happen for another season.

A serial killer surgeon doctor Martin Whitley he was not identified as a serial killer, not until his young son Malcolm confesses his sin. He was arrested and charged for murdering 23 people, however, instead of being in a regular prison cell he was instead admitted to Claremont Psychiatric Hospital, a luxurious mental health hospital when he make the with Nicholas Endicott.

Regardless of what his son did he still wishes for Malcolm to follow his step as a serial killer like him. Martin still wants and tried to fix his relationship with his wife and daughter they are not controlling them like what he did to Malcolm as he expects him to continue what he has done.

In a flashback, Martin tried to kill Malcolm when he realized that Malcolm had too much information about his killing, he took him camping and planned to kill his son but have a change of heart. Paul then decided to take him in but Malcolm stabbed him resulting in Paul’s death,

Martin then decided to keep Malcolm to his side. Malcolm decided to be an FBI agent after years had passed he still visit Martin occasionally in the mental health facility, the father and son argue about the decision Malcolm then decided to leave New York the two didn’t contact each other for 10 years.

Martin still confined heard his daughter’s news interview, and his wife confessed that he still has more victims. Martin was freed from the mental health facility and undergoes therapy the relationship between their father and son improved. See more of the episode and season in the streaming network of Prodigal Son.


Prodigal Son Season 3 – Trailers

Prodigal Son season three was canceled no more trailers are available, If the production team or the entertainment company or will the rumored be true in airing on another network will release any news. We’ll update the page immediately.

Prodigal Son season 3 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Prodigal Son. We will update any changes in this article.


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