As season four for Emmy Award-winning Ozark was renewed, the entertainment company will not release for Ozark season 5 Release Date, they will wrap up season four things will end and mysteries will be answered. It took a while before Netflix release another season as the show is an incredibly popular and most awaited series. The entertainment company Netflix and the production team assured the fans that the show will “end with a bang” leaving the fans to be excited that cannot wait for season four to be released and it will be a good one. The production team and Bill Dubuque the creator of the show ensure the fans that the show will air in November amidst the pandemic restrictions they will still continue the production following the guidelines properly but no other announcement was released yet. “To prepare for the worst and expect the best” Jason Bateman who served as a producer and executive producer of the Ozark stated in one of his interviews. Ozark Season 5 Release Date has not been confirmed.

Ozark season four will consist of 14 episodes split into 2 parts , 7 episodes each.

to wrap up everything and not leaving the fans in a cliffhanger. Season four would be divided into two, not the typical show that Netflix usually airs.

Ozark Season 5
Ozark season 5 1 - uk release date ozark season 5 release date

Jason Bateman wins the Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series in 2019 and further received Golden Globe Award a nominee for Best Actor-Television Series Drama no wonder the series was a nominee in Primetime Emmy Award and received Outstanding Drama Series.

Ozark Series 5 Plot

            Marty with his wife Wendy Byrde and his two kids who lived in Chicago lived a normal and successful life, Marty as a financial adviser and Wendy once enjoyed a promising career in electron campaigns but given up that life to be a full-time mom. But she is not happy to be a stay-at-home mom over the time and was unhappy. When she was pregnant again she planned on aborting the child, she was later involved in a car accident and become depressed. Marty was contacted by a Mexican called Del a potential client but later he found out that Del is a cartel and Bruce his business partner was being asked to launder the cartel’s money. He declines the job but Del offers her the luxury of her and Wendy where he can’t say no letting Del fall for Del’s sweet-talked. He witnessed how Del ruthlessly killed the former money launderer in front of the team ‘Welcome to the team’. The deal was okay for several years Byrde family enjoying the luxurious life, but things turn upside down when Bruce stole $8 million dollars from Del and finding out about the affair of Wendy. Del shot Bruce and his girlfriend and about to shot Wendy and Marty but find a way to escape the death by offering Del something, he offered to move his business to Ozark in Missouri and set his new laundering money. The family hurried to move Ozark with a threat of execution. Soon he will get tangled with the FBI Agent Roy Petty and Agent Trevor Evans who are assigned to track down the whole operation with Bruce as an insider but they cannot contact Bruce. Marty then started his business upon arriving, his associate is the owner of Blue Cat Lodge, Rachel her angel investor, and Ruth who blackmailed Marty into giving her the job, and Lickety Splitz a strip club, and associated with the owner Bobby Dean. Later he killed Bobby with the help of Ruth and took ownership of the club. Byrdes laundered $8 million that is Bruce’s debt to Del and pay Del on time and still laundered $50 million in cash. What will happen to Byrde Family in Season 5? What is the Ozark season 5 Release Date? Watch it streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Ozark Series 5 Cast

            Starting from Martin ‘Marty’ Byrde portrayed by Jason Bateman who turns life upside down when he started to get involved in Del’s business. Wendy Byrde is portrayed by Laura Linney the wide of Marty and a mother of two young kids. Roy Petty is portrayed by Jason Butler Harner and an FBI agent investigating the money laundering business of Del.

Ozark Season 5 Trailer

As the show was ended in season three there is no trailer available. However, stay tuned for the release of season four and if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.

Ozark Season 5 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Ozark sooner or in the future. We will update any changes in this article.


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