Mr. Corman Season 2 Release Date Information

As of the moment August 18, 2021, the series Mr. Corman has not been renewed or if the entertainment company plans to release the second season but good news, it was not canceled also leaving room for future season two of Mr. Corman stay tuned!

However, it is hard to predict whether they would release another season as Apple TV+ hasn’t given any word yet, ratings and viewership also haven’t been publicized fans were torn if the entertainment company was thinking if it was worth it to released season two because of the high ratings or it’s not worth it at all since the ratings and viewership were low, no statement regarding this matter.

Fans are hoping for the second season though, they will be disappointed if there weren’t any second season, it’s all up to Apple TV+ now.

As there was no news about the second season there was also no news about the cast for the second season but it would probably still be involved in the cast of season ones like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Debra Winger, Logic, Juno Temple, Arturo Castro,

Hugo Weaving, and Jamie Chung. It’s hard to tell also because of the situation we are facing right now, on March 2020 the production was interrupted and forced to stop because of the coronavirus known as COVID-19 in Los Angeles,

and in October 2020 the filming was resumed but moved to New Zealand where the safer environment for the cast and production team’s safety, it was revealed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in an interview on The Talk.

Mr. Corman is a public school teacher in San Fernando Valley.


Mr. Corman Season 2 – Cast

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is portrayed as Josh Corman, a public school teacher.

Arturo Castro portrayed Victor, Josh’s friend at the same time roommate,

Debra Winger is portrayed as Ruth Corman, Josh Corman’s mother.

Hugo Weaving is portrayed as Artie, Josh’s biological father.

Shannon Woodward is portrayed as Elizabeth Corman, sister of Josh.

Veronica Falcon is portrayed as Beatriz, Josh’s co-worker in San Fernando Valley.

Logic portrayed as Dax, Juno Temple portrayed as Megan,

and Jamie Chung portrayed as Emily.


Mr. Corman Season 2 – Trailer

As the show was not renewed as of the moment there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.


Mr. Corman Season 3 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Mr. Cornan. We will update any changes in this article.


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