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It has been six years after we last saw the Misfits series and their adventures, but sadly there hasn’t been any news regarding season 6 and maybe it will not happen to leave the fans disappointed. Antonia Thomas who portrayed the role of Alisha revealed in her interview

“There were all sorts of talk about it. We read scripts and I think it’s now not happening and I haven’t heard anything. I think it’s just difficult to get everybody together. Everybody is doing such different things. Maybe they think everybody has moved on, I don’t know.

You never say never, but I have not heard anything of it of late.” It’s true though it’s been how many years after season five was ended so the cast of the series has their own lives focusing on their different careers in the industry, it will be hard to grip them together but if they want to why not right?

But the majority of the audience wanted for another season of Misfits and to watch their heart-stopping adventures again; if so there will be major changes in the storylines and adjustments for the next season if to be released.

The show received a positive response, the viewers and ratings are pretty good the show received an award and become the winner on BAFTA 2010 so should we expect another season sooner? Misfits season five leaves the fans in a cliffhanger as season five didn’t give any signs of closure and end.

The ending shows a possible return for season six as the known asbos turn to be superheroes just a typical character’s outcome. It was then dismantled and officially ended and six years have passed still no signs of renewal.

Fans guessed as to why the creator Howard Overman didn’t release another season mainly because he focused on his BBC series titled Atlantis and the Misfits aired longer than they plan so it was the best to wrap up the show for season five.

Misfits follow five people at a community center was caught a thunderstorm outside gaining their special abilities which mirror their character. Gaining their powers named Kelly Bailey that gains the ability of telepathy,

Curtis Donovan who gains the power that can rewind the time, Alisha Daniels gains the power of sexual frenzy that can drive people to their desires when they touch her body Simon Bellamy gains the power of becoming invisible anytime he wants, and Nathan Young appears unchanged.

The five young people were attacked by their probation officer named Tony that acquired a strange power during an electrical storm that drove him insane, he was accidentally killed by Kelly when he tried to attack her. They covered Tony’s death and tried to keep it a secret but Sally,

Tony’s fiancée suspects the gang that they were hiding something about the death of Tony, and her suspicion grows more leading her to be in a relationship with Simon to have the information she wants about Tony’s death. She steals Simon’s mobile phone and found the video of Nathan confessing that they killed Tony, after finding out she convince Simon to report it to the police.

But Simon didn’t want to so he becomes invisible and tried to get back his mobile phone but he accidentally kill Sally. Alisha and Curtis form a relationship over time but accidentally change the time when he was still in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Nathan who remains unchanged tried to figure out what his power will be.

The group finds a Virtue cult after disposing Sally of’s body, they discovered that the young cult began adapting to ultra-conservative behavior and they also discovered that Rachel is at fault. Nathan and Rachel fought on the rooftop that killed them both, and the young Virtue cult was freed after Rachel’s death.

The death was a blessing in disguise in Nathan as he now knows his ability and that is immortality as he awakens in his coffin and is alive.


Misfits Season 6 – Trailer

As the show was canceled there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.


Misfits Season 7 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Misfit. We will update any changes in this article.


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