Masters of the Universe Revelation Season 2 Release Date Information

Masters of the Universe: Revelation season 2 is the most awaited anime series that entertainment company Netflix aired right now. Regarding season 2 of the series it will take a while given the show’s production cycle and complicated graphics for the show to be flawless, this requires much time to take however, fans can rest assured that there will be season two for the Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Fans were fascinated by the series plot twists and turns of events even though there are changes in the storyline but the showrunner Kevin Smith make it in a way that the audience will not be confused and still honors the past Masters of the Universe seasons and episodes, in every other episode or season will be released fans were excited to witness another mind-blowing scene making it popular to the kids as well as to the adults.

Kevin Smith released some updates in his Twitter account saying, “Part 2 is officially picture-locked, nearly wrapped, and ready to go.” Smith only waits for the released date to signal the network and start the production.

Masters of the Universe season one ended in cliff hanger when Skeletor already has the Power Sword in his possession and becomes more powerful than he already is with the help of the sword. Evil-Lyn and Beast-Man joined the heroes of Eternia to claim back the Power Sword and Prince Adam shows that he is bleeding to death in season one. What will happen to season 2?

The audience was eager to know whether Prince Adam survive and can still be seen in season 2 and Skeletor will be more powerful in season 2 recruiting more alliance on his side, would they be able to defeat him and how? Fans were agitated for the second season to be released they always want to stay updated well as they were the super fans we can’t wait for another season also.

Maters of the Universe: Revelation is a sequel of 1983-1985 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The story follows He-Man knew for the most powerful man in the Universe, Teela a Royal Guard of the Eternos and the protector of Prince Adam from Eternia, Man-At-Arm ruling the planetary monarch and one of the Royal Guard,

The Sorceress is powerful magic that guards the Castle Grayskull one of this Teela Na the mother of Teela the current Sorceress,

and Orko who possess powerful magical abilities that once defeated Skeletor but it also affects the sword of He-Man they are the guardians of the Castle Grayskull against the antagonist Skeletor a humanoid blue-skinned who wants to rule the universe and becomes the most powerful in the universe by acquiring the Power Sword,

Evil-Lyn an evil witch that possesses the power of darkness teaming up with Skeletor to conquer the universe and Beast-Man a beast who has brute strength that can control many wild creatures and the right hand of Skelator also includes legions of Snake Mountain.

After the battle that affects Eternia, it’s up to Teela now to solve and bring back the Sword of Power to prevent the end of the Universe and the restoration of the almost broken magic universe. Throughout her journey, she will uncover the secret of Castle Grayskull that there’s more to it than she expected and uncovers her true identity.


Masters of the Universe: Revelation Season 2 – Voice Cast

First on the list is Prince Adam also called He-Man dubbed by Chris Wood,

Teela dubbed by Sarah Michelle Gellar,

Man-At-Arms dubbed by Liam Cunningham,

and Orko dubbed by GriffinNewman.

The antagonist is Skeletor dubbed by Mark Hamill,

Evil-Lyn dubbed by Lena Heady, and Beast Man dubbed by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Queen Marlena was dubbed by Alicia Silverstone,

Cringer dubbed by Stephen Root,

King Grayskull dubbed by Dennis Haysbert,

Roboto dubbed by Justin Long and Mer-Man dubbed by Kevin Conroy.

Teela Na is dubbed by Susan Eisenberg.


Masters of the Universe: Revelation Season 2 – Trailer

The show is still not updated for its season 2 it will soon be renewed as of the moment no trailer is available yet, if the entertainment company releases the trailer we will update the page immediately.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Season 3 Release Date 

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Master of the Universe: Revelation. We will update any changes in this article.


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