Heroes Season 5 Release Date Information

Heroes season one garnered millions of views when it aired on NBC in the year 2006 so fans were already expecting more seasons to be followed however, it climbs to the top in the first season but it also dropped rapidly on the following season reason for NBC to decide not to renew another season.

It was officially announced that the series heroes has been ended, many reasons were given as why the show has been ended mainly because of the dropping of ratings and viewership they didn’t continually capture the attention of the viewers.

The other reason was the writer’s strike as when in the year 2007 and 2008 Writers Guild in America went on strike because of some reason and Tim Kring the creator of the series was on the picket line “Yes, I’m picketing my show,” he revealed in an interview in Entertainment Weekly, it affects the storylines making it boring to the audience.

Another reason why the audience was no longer wanted to watch the series Heroes is because of the characters death, some important characters have died in every episode and season will be released, for example, the death of Daniel Linderman who serves as the fantastic villain and Nikki who possess super-strength these characters were seen as the major characters in the show reason for the audience to lose interest in the show.

Superfans were sad about the news but still thankful for the journey in the past episode maybe if the writer were to arrange some scenes that will make the audience wanted to watch the series again but it’s just an image as the writer is also involved as to why the series was canceled.

In season one the series consists of 23 episodes called Genesis, but it decrease half in the second season with only 11 episodes this is where the writer’s strikes began, however, the third season becomes 25 episodes again called Fugitives but the ratings and viewership decreased largely in this season.

The fourth season called Redemption only consists of 18 episodes, and the final season titled Heroes Reborn viewership and ratings were pretty bad at this rate leading to its cancellation.

The story follows people across the globe that possess superhuman powers as they tried to live normally and not becoming different from normal people. Group of humans, who discovered their special abilities and tried to control them, this makes their life difficult as it also affects their personal lives.

With some humans who wanted to catch them making them an experiment to know the origin of these superhuman powers, they run for their lives trying to hide. Noah works in a secret organization named “The Company”, while Mohinder continues the legacy of his father to know the main source and why there are such special abilities exist.

Other people who have special abilities were taken by the secret organization who wanted to take them in full control to stop the explosion that destroying New York. Peter Petrelli wanted to control his volatile power to protect himself while not getting caught by Sylar, the serial killer of superhumans and a hunter of these people.


Heroes Season 5 – Cast

Peter Petrelli played by Milo Ventimiglia, can evolve humans to come near him, he serves as the protagonist of the series.

Claire Bennet played by Hayden Panetttiere, possesses rapid cellular regeneration and is a high school cheerleader.

Noah Bennet is played by Jack Coleman, the father of Claire and an employee of the secret organization.

Hiro Nakamura played by Masi Oka, possesses space-time manipulation.

Mohinder Suresh played by Sendhil Ramamurthy, a scientist who wanted to continue his father’s research.

Isaac Mendez played by Santiago Cabrera, can paint the future but he was a drug addict. D.L.

Hawkins played by Leonard Roberts, can walk through solid objects this is his special ability.

Matt Parkman played by Greg Grunberg, can read the mind and is also a police officer.

Niki Sanders played by Ali Larter, wife of D.L Hawkins who possesses super-strength.

Micah Sanders played by Noah Gray-Cabey, Niki’s and D.L.’s son and a technopath.

Nathan Petrelli played by Adrian Padar, is a person who can fly and is also a senator in New York he is an anti-hero.


Heroes season 5 – Trailer

As the show was canceled so there will be no trailer available, if the entertainment company released any news about the series we will update the page immediately.


Heroes season 6 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Heroes. We will update any changes in this article.


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