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Say goodbye to magic and the witches as the series Good Witch will come to an end after 13 years of filmmaking when the show premiered in the year 2008.  Hallmark Channel put an end to the show all in season seven that consists of ten episodes putting an end to when fans of the show are expecting another season. 9th of July 2021  the channel confirmed season seven would be the last season and final outing.

The entertainment channel didn’t give any reason but fans are speculating that the show must’ve dropped its viewership and ratings considerably in the last season.

The Studio City, Hallmark Channel stated in one of the interviews “ Good Witch, enchanted viewers for over a decade with eight original movies, in addition to the seven-season series.

We thank our leads whose chemistry and talent made ‘Good Witch’ such a beloved and uniquely special viewing experience: Catherine Bell, who has brought the inimitable Cassie Nightingale to life for 13 years, and James Denton, who as Dr. Sam Radford has added so much charm and humor to the series.

We also extend our gratitude and thanks to the entire cast and crew for their dedication and hard work” stated Randy Pope, SVP, in the programming and development of the show. In connection to the reason for cancellation, fans were puzzled when Grace a daughter of Cassie’s who is one of the main casts returned when she died in season five but reciprocate at season seven, the show was criticized as to why the show turned another table in this appearance, viewers might have lost their interest in this plot twist.

Though not totally the entire reason and will remain puzzled and would not be stated this is the wild guess of the superfans who are saddened by the announcement.

In the town of Middleton a ‘supposedly’ haunted house where Cassie Nightingale and her daughter Grace Nightingale live, the two capture the attention of neighbor Dr. Sam Radford and his son who was enchanted by the mother and daughter magical powers. Cassie opens a strange gift shop gather the attention of the resident, soon rumored about the daughter and mother began circulating about them being a witch.

This worries the friendly chief police of the town, Jake Russel, eventually, Russel becomes friends with the two when they help his son Brandon and sister Lori, he is convinced about the two being good when they also help Kyle who is being abused with his father, Jake Russel romantically attached to Cassie also.

Then the residents of the town of Middleton anticipated the rare plant called Middleton Merriwick to bloom again after decades, this gives hope to the residents of Middleton as they expect it to be the most magical year. In season three, Sam and Cassie were officially together but reluctant to announce as they worry about the reaction of the kids.

When Grace found out she was hurt because her mother didn’t tell her about it in the first place. Grace moves further to high school becoming an excellent student and learns her intuitive abilities practicing her magical powers.

Characters received applause from the audience as they were perfectly cast by the actresses and actors. Starting from Catherine Bell played the role of Cassie Nightingale a good witch and a mother of Grace also runs a shop Bell, Book, and Candle. James Denton played Dr. Sam Radford who is eventually romantically involved in Cassie. Grace who is characterized by Bailee Madison also possesses a magical ability, she is the center of romantic subplots in the show.

Then Rhys Matthew Bond is portrayed as Nick Radford the son of Dr. Sam who becomes the step-brother of Grace when his parent Sam and Cassie got married. Sarah Power played the role of Abigail Pershing also has magical powers and is a minor antagonist of the show.

The ending still has a lot of mysteries, for instance, what will happen to the cousin when the mysterious force was discovered and putting their lives and their family legacy at risk.  This was left unanswered when the studio channel announced the news leaving the fans devastated. Hallmark Channel concludes the show, they are not planning on airing another show at the moment but hoping in the future if the show was labeled as one of the best sci-fi series of all time.


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The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Good Witch. We will update any changes in this article.


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