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Free Meek season two, will it be released? In August of 2019, Prime Video released the first season of the show consists of five episodes, despise all the good feedback from the audience the production didn’t discuss if Free Meek would never have another season. However, Prime Video didn’t tell directly if another season will be canceled, it’s all depending on the rapper’s story.

Since Free Meek is a docuseries, it revolves around people who are closely involved in the show. The rapper’s journey in discovering himself facing the challenges life thrown to him and decide to turn the difficulties of life into his songs represent a leading voice for justice and social reforms.

And show the world about Meeks’s case, the storyline shows that when you dwell in the corrupt system in the U.S government, there is no way out for you to go. He shared an experience about his life when he was involved in drugs, hanging out to criminals especially murderers, and the worst part in his experience would be admitted to jail for 24 hours affecting him mentally.

He wants to be the set of example to those people who will begin to have the same experience, or people who are experiencing like this in life, set him as an example of what would be the outcome of their life if they engaged in illegal activity. Season one is not enough to share the story of Meek Mill, there’s more to tell about his story.

Chris Catallo, the head of unscripted of Prime Video released a statement about Meek still serving in jail and still ongoing for legal matters since the interview only happened over the phone makes the audience in awe as to how detailed the show was was is. We’ll keep the article updated when any news and changes will be revealed.

In 2008 the rapper Meek Mill was sentenced to 11 to 23 years in prison and seven years of probation, he was initially charged for firearms violation even though he bought the gun for personal protection, a simple assault but Mill was badly beaten on his first day in prison another case was drug possession. After seven months in jail, he was released, but he was found violating his parole failing to report to his probation officer, and doing some unauthorized travel plans, another five months in prison and another five years probation has been served.

Widespread backlash, government being criticized and protest received from the super fans of the rapper she was released in the year 2018. Even before the premiere of the show, Meeks show some light about his cases, three Pennsylvania Judges vacated Meeks’s conviction way back in 2008 and question the credibility of the arresting officer on the day Meeks was arrested.

The three Pennsylvania Judge also question the judge who sentenced him to another four years for violating probation and a lot more was added to his case, Judge Genece E. Brinkley was questioned about his decision.

But the retrial hoping to be granted was postponed until August 27 as announced by the attorney his attorney Joe Tacopina.

Being in prison damaging Meek mentally he wrote songs when he served in jail but, Judge Brinkley prohibits Meek to earn money and performs even his music when he was serving the decision of the court, this make the fans and supporters of Meek Miller speculate that the judge takes a personal interest in Mills case.

Family, friends, and supporters of the rapper gathered in the courthouse the day of the schedule of the petition of his case and give a new trial, Genece E. Brinkley as the judge.


Free Meek Season 2 – Cast

It was cast by Julian Blondell as Meek Mill the main lead of the show.

Barin Nelyse is portrayed in the role of Judge Gene Brinkley.

Forrest Renaissance played Officer Graham.

We will also see Kevin Benton played as a plainclothes detective,

Justin Hunt as the street dealer, the NFU Officer Charman Jeter, Billy Freda portrayed as Attorney Joe Tacopina.

We will also expect the Rapper Jay-Z and Meek Mill himself.


Free Meek Season 3 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Free Meek. We will update any changes in this article.



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