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Fans were in debate as why would the entertainment company NBC canceled the series Debris after one season; fans were asking what went wrong? The Debris that only premiered in one season was canceled by its home network, as the fans were expected to have another season they were pushing on the cliff when the news breakout the reason?

The debris didn’t reach the expected viewership and the numbers of viewers keep dropping when another episode would be released in season one. The series failed to connect with the audience and didn’t have the requirements where all TV shows have:

the storyline, this was the comments of some viewers of the series this is the reason why they failed to capture the attention of the fans, the reason why fans would wait for another episode to be released and be excited of what will be the outcome.

Other viewers added, the show is lacking emotion where the audience cannot connect to the show, no scene pierces through the viewer’s heart and keeps confusing the audience.

The series was labeled as a sci-fi show so the viewers expect the characters to investigate deeper mysteries and crimes but the audience’s opinion were the mysteries and crimes were all plain and simple compared to other sci-fi shows that are released.

It was like the show didn’t know where it is going resulting in why the audience cannot grasp the series situation.

This is the rumored reason why the show was canceled and other audiences cannot agree for more, but some fans of the series still demand another season the series deserves to have another season to prove that the series is still worth it and give the ending they want.

Cast react on their Twitter account about the cancellation of the show, the star Michaela stone posted about “forever grateful for the family of misfits and creators that wound up at Silvercup studios”, Josh Dallas also shared his message to his fans “Well, my #manifesters,

I’m sorry to say that it’s the end of the line for now. We are so proud to have brought you this story over three seasons.

We so wished we could’ve finished the journey with you. But it wasn’t in the cards. Thanks to our incredible EP’s, producers, writers…”

When a spacecraft name Debris falls across the earth two agents from CIA and MI6 that are known for being great on their field, from different continents and mindsets they work together to investigate the wreckage spacecraft.

Finola Jones and Bryan Benevati are tasked to investigate the Debris that has an unusual effect on the surroundings and humans who get near it. Other people who are curious about this fallen Debris joined the investigation to answer what was behind this spacecraft.

They solved the mysteries together and handle the people who want to be involved in the mysteries to their advantage.

When the two comes to investigate a strange square in a field they suspect is part of the Debris, the strange square creates a rainstorm Finola and Bryan were like on another planet and discovers something.

Their life was changed after they have taken the mission leaving them confused and who will they trust along the journey of unveiling the truth.

The show has left the audience in a cliffhanger as they didn’t the cancellation.


Debris Season 2 – Cast

Bryan Beneventi played by Jonathan Tucker a CIA agent who is a task to discover the truth about the Debris.

Finola Jones played by Rian Steele another agent who is a task to unravel the truth and an MI6 agent.

Craig Maddox played by Norbert Leo Butz another CIA agent and handles Bryan.

Priya Ferris played by Anjali Jay another M16 agent and a handler.

Brill is played by Sebastian Roche an unidentified individual who acts and stole Brill’s identity.

Anson Ash played by Scroobius Pip an extremist group involved in investigating the Debris for his reason.


Debris Season 2 – Trailer

Debris season two was canceled no more trailers are available, If the production team or the entertainment company releases any news we will update the page immediately.

Debris Season 3 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint or news regarding season two. We will update any changes in this article.


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