Dead to Me Season 4 Release Date Information

Netflix Emmy-nominee Dead to Me was reported not returning on season four. The third season was released in July 2020 and reported to be the final season, the fans were disappointed with the news as they were anticipating for the show to have numerous seasons to be released.

The show was already too long for the expectation of the series and had too many dramatic scenes resulting in it being exhausting. ‘Jen and Judy should be given a satisfying ending” Liz Feldman the creator of the show told in one of the interviews.

Liz Feldman already has a heads up and already how to wrap up the series, as she is also not expecting it to have a long run. Season three is already in the process of shooting but not certain when will it be released since the production was interrupted because of the Covid-19 pandemic up to now season three is not yet finished in its filming.

The expectation on season three was about Ben’s dilemmas and other mistakes he commits in the past, the secret will unveil. Jen and Judy will have a grip over Ben if they found him a threat; Jen would be free after her confession.

Dead to Me was all about a friendship between Jen and Judy, Jen is from Laguna Beach, California a widowed wife who tries to find herself for her loss through therapy and other methods to cope up. Jen’s husband was killed by a hit and run in her anger and resentment she found Judy in a support group.

While Judy claims to grief for her fiancé’s death she died from a heart attack. But in reality, July was the driver that hit and run Jen’s husband. The two despite their differences still got along and together face their struggles, Jen discovered the mysterious driver who hit and run her husband and unravel Judy’s secret while Judy kept his secret from Jen.

After Judy confessed about her mistake her friendship with Jen was strained but, later forgive Judy as she thought that her marriage is not an ideal relationship of a husband and wife as her husband is constantly cheating on her, but still in great sorrow when her husband died.

Jen told Detective Perez about the true culprit of her husband’s death was Judy but it’s still not enough evidence to put Judy behind bars further investigation is needed. The end of season one was ended as it showed Judy’s ex-fiancé Steve floating in a pool where Jen and Judy were seen standing over, it’s shown that Jen shot Steve.


Dead to Me Season 4 – Cast

This is the Cast for Dead To Me. Christina Applegate is characterized as Jen Harding a widowed wife trying to find herself.

Linda Cardellini portrayed the role of Judy Hale the person who killed Jen’s husband.

James Marsden portrayed the role of Steve Wood, Judy’s ex-fiancé and the identical twin of Jen’s husband and her new love interest.


Dead to Me Season 4 –  Trailer

As the show was ended in season three there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately as we do.


Dead to Me Season 5 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Dead to Me. We will update any changes in this article.



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