Cursed Season 2 Release Date Information

The cursed series was already canceled by Netflix after its first season. Netflix quietly canceled the series; there will be no other season leaving the audience shocked as they waited for a year to watch another season.

A medieval fantasy series that is based on an illustrator novel by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller the same name in the novel wraps up its season one premiere. Questions will remain unanswered making the fans guessed the ending on their own and guessed about the character’s shaky journey to fulfill their duties.

The reason for the cancellation was not revealed by the company, speculations are mixed as to why the show was put to an end, the reviews and viewership were not steady but not bad, it was ultimately mixed.

The show didn’t exceed the expectation of Netflix in terms of viewership, not like any other projects, and then decided to end the first season consists of ten-episode. Some fans have campaigned about the show on social media using the hashtag #SavedCursed. Join the party if you also want to have another season.

It’s about the Lady in the Lake, Nimue an outcast in her peers and Elders, the indifference begins after the incident of the past but possesses a magical ability. When Merlin uses her magic power to seal the powerful sword in a stone.

Arthur proving he is worth it but its damage in the middle of battling with Lancelot, the Lady of the Lake Nimue restored it, for it to be back in its original glory. She then met Arthur as she undergoes delivering the powerful sword to Merlin but, then she was cornered by Red Paladins, a group who are trying to get rid of the world of magic, she then figured out her destiny, destiny to save the people and protect another outcast like her. The ‘Cursed’ is a re-imaging of the Arthurian legend.

The fans take a wild guess about what will happen to Nimue’s fate if she would survive, fans waited for her role as a fabled Lady in the Lake as is expecting her transition in season two.

Will Merlin’s power would return? Fans were expecting to see the return of the power of Merlin after decades without magic. When the only way was to wield his sword but, vow not to wield the sword again, this was expected if Netflix will release another season.

If Arthur becomes the king or not when he was a low birth, the kingdom will be left in chaos if Uther and Cumber die having Arthur become a king, would he become a good king? And the famous sword will it be in Arthur’s hand or Nimue’s hand?


Cursed Season 2 – Cast

Katherine Langton portrayed a role as Nimue known as the Lady of the Lake, the protagonist and the main character in the show.

Arthur is played by Devon Terrell the future King of Briton. His identity was never known but introduced as the legitimate son of Uther’s Pendragon and Igraine, he was a task to drew the powerful sword called Excalibur out of stone.

Gustaf Skarsgard characterized as Merlin, is a powerful wizard that will help Arthur to claim what is rightfully his, the crown.

Sebastian Armesto played Uther Pendragon, the former king of Briton a not-so-good king because he was being hates his people, and he is also the father of Arthur.

Morgana is portrayed by Shalom Brune-Franklin, a popular Autharian retelling. Whether is good or evil depending on the view of the people towards the show.

“We’ve just had a taste of where this story could go” Katherine Langford s Nimue started her statement about the cancellation of the show.

Devon Terrell who played Arthur also gives a statement of the show “Episode 10 was where I kind of was like, ‘Oh, wow, this world is potentially only just beginning” he stated in one of the interviews.

The cast was saddened by the news as it was saddened also the fans who expected and waited after a year of the last season were ended.


Cursed Season 2 – Netflix

Netflix hasn’t given a hint of having another season in the future after the cancellation of the show. We will update any changes in this article.


Cursed Season 2 – Trailer

As the show was canceled there is no trailer available, if the entertainment company were to consider renewing the show we will update the page immediately.


Cursed Season 3 Release Date

The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Curse. We will update any changes in this article


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