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Fans made a fuss about a shocking plot twist ending of Behind Her Eyes season 1 leaving them in cliffhangers. Behind her eyes is based on Sarah Pinborough’s novel way back in 2017 becomes a TV series becomes popular and a big hit because of its unique storyline.

When season 1 of Behind Her Eyes consisting of six episodes was released, fans are demanding for another to be released immediately even though the show was labeled as a limited series, and is expected for this kind of series to released only one episode.

Fans were sheer in curiosity about what will happen for another season of the show, how the creator, producer, and showrunners take the show to a high level. Questions left unanswered as the ending was aired curious how things will work to satisfy the audience’s craving for the best ending.

Netflix will possibly order for the release of another season as the thrill for the season 1 arose the audience attention to continue watching the show, and if the show was proven popular like their other show, even the people who already read the novel where the series based on are agitated and looking forward to the new season.

If Netflix would consider another season it could continue to tell more about the story of Adele, Rob, David, Louise, and Rob. Answering who the characters are in their past life. Coincidentally he was at the site where Adele’s estate broke out of the fire, will David soon realized that Louise is Rob? And rescue their son Adam?

Fans would be saddened when harm comes from within as season 1 shows about their romantic and happy relationship. The ending is difficult to imagine, would David and their eight-year-old son Adam found out the truth about Rob’s consciousness in Louise’s body and realized the truth Louise is already dead. This is a given guessed, however, the audience is still curious about the storyline and how things would unfold.

The story revolves around Louise a single mother who shares a drunken kiss with a stranger, but later found out it was her new boss who was David. Even she found out the truth Loiuse still strikes up a friendship with David’s wife, later they have an affair with David’s wife.

Louise found out that Adele is Adele’s old close friend Rob. Rob can project consciousness on Adele’s body and has been in love with David for a long time. Rob then moves his consciousness into Louise’s body then Louise’s consciousness to Adele.

Then Rob in the consciousness of Louise kills Louise in Adele’s conscious body. Rob takes over Louise’s life and even marries David also parenting their son Adam who began suspecting that something was off with his mother, shows at the end of season one, this takes the show to hit the top becoming the No. 2 most popular on Netflix in the United States.

Cast receives positive reviews on the audience as they characterized their roles perfectly. Starting from Simona Brown who played a role as Louise, she acted on different shows, popular of the series Kiss Me First as Tess.

Another great actress Eve Hewson as Adele the wife of David who has a dark secret in the past. David is portrayed by Tom Bateman, who was the main reason for the chaos that happened in Adele, Louise, and Rob’s life. And then, Robert Aramayo as Rob who discovers consciousness in his mind and uses this ability to take over someone’s life like Adele and Louise.

Other supporting actors and actresses who capture the audience’s attention were Aston McAuley as Anthony Hawkins an addict and David’s patient. Tyler Howitt is Adam the eight-year-old son of David Louise. Nichola Burley is Sophie the best friend of Louise.

There is no trailer released by the entertainment streaming company but, fans guessed and shared different insights about season two; David would be tired in their relationship and find another relationship causing harm to him and Adam as Rob was obsessed with David? Would David also begin suspecting the behavior of Rob’s consciousness in Louise’s body? And is Louise would be alive since her consciousness was not killed in her own body.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed anything yet or releasing any statement about planning to have a season 2. We’ll keep updated if anything changes.


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The entertainment company hasn’t given any hint in having another season of Behind Her Eyes. We will update any changes in this article


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